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How you can Help... there are many ways you as an individual or as an organization can help in not only maintaining but growing the Kids in Kenya Fund. We are happy to help churches, schools or service organizations with planning, execution and delivery of a specific fundraiser or project. We will connect your interest with the needs of a specific village, school or family. We will help you understand the responsibilities of offering support and make sure your efforts and resources are well managed/invested once reaching their destination in Kenya.

Here is a general guideline of expenses related to current projects/efforts: This is only a sample, please understand that expenses can change due to varying conditions.

Support a child for one month: $42.00 US
Support a child for half of a year: $250.00 US
Support a child for an entire year: $500.00 US
Build a single desk for a classroom: $35.00 US
Build an entire classroom: $5,000.00 US
Build a rural health clinic: $15,000.00 US
Build a national youth hostile & retreat center: $45,000.00 US
Develop safe water from springs/wells: $8,000.00 US

Support of any amount is welcome and we encourage you to consider making an annual gift. We are able to accept donations of stocks, real estate, life insurance policies and other securities through our Legacy Scholarship & Fund Program. One hundred percent of your donation supports the programs and can be restricted per your request to a specific region, school, project or child.

To make a donation for a specific Volunteer's efforts please visit our
Volunteer page by clicking here. All donations are tax deductible.

Donations can safely be mailed to Jamey Ponte ,International Director:

Kids in Kenya Fund- USA,
Child Wellness Fund,
P.O. Box 54478
Cincinnati, Ohio 45254 USA
Telephone: (513) 545-5332
Fax: (513) 943-1904

Or online using the PayPal button below. We welcome you to email us with any questions or comments.

1. Make a cash donation. Use the downloadable donation form or simply call (513) 545-5332.

2. Hold a fundraiser- get your church involved, choose a specific project from our above list of current needs.

3. Join us for a future trip to Kenya. Email us for plans on our next trip.

4. Teachers/scout leaders look at some of the activity projects kids can do to learn more about Kids in Kenya. From pen pals, to actual trips visiting the schools.

5. Post your photos of a school or village you visited in Kenya.

6. Purchase photographic prints from professional photographers that have donated images to the Kids in Kenya Fund. We have a complete show that can travel anywhere in the United States to hang in a gallery setting. This work is all original and professionally framed. A great way to make a big impact on your audience.

7. Purchase items made by families and others living in the villages of the children we help.

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