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Welcome... chances are that if you are visiting this website you visited one of the schools in Kenya which we offer support, you have friends that recently went on a safari and stopped at one of the rural villages, hope to visit Kenya in the near future or simply have a love for kids.

With your Help...  the Kids in Kenya Fund can provide Food, Shelter & Education for a child in need. Learn more about how you and others can really become a champion for this program.

The Kids in Kenya Fund's immediate purpose is to obtain funding
for children to stay safe, nourished, healthy, clothed, and sheltered
while providing an opportunity to remain in school.
The Fund's long-term goals are to empower local leaders of rural villages
and schools to remain in a position of setting community goals,
delivering a working model and understanding sustainability.
Our philosphy is that education helps provide the ability to make
decisions on protecting their cultural, reaching their goals and learning
to collaborate with the modern world.

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